Still Lonely

Always missing him. I found one of his bright blue rubber balls in the moving process the other day, and I put it away with his collar and leash, and the last rope toy he didn’t quite chew all the way through. I think about him all the time.

People keep asking if I’m going to get another dog. Listen, folks…getting another dog will not fix the pain. Another dog is just that, another dog. Yes, I adore canines in general, but each one should be appreciated for who they are and not brought into a family just to try to fill the shoes of a dearly loved but absent pet. It’s not fair for us to have those kind of expectations of them. They don’t understand, and if they did I think they would be terribly hurt and put out.

One very sweet lady I met the other day, with a pawprint and flower intertwined tattooed on her forearm, told me quite bluntly that I’ll always miss him, and that part of my heart is gone forever. “But,” she said, “One day another dog will find you. And they’ll give you a piece of their heart. It won’t be the same, but it will be good. And then you’ll be able to remember all the good times and smile.”

Maybe one day.



One thought on “Still Lonely

  1. I think you and I need to go to Asylum, again. *hugs*

    If you google Celtic paw print tattoo, there are some really neat ideas. Maybe you could consider working it into your sleeve?


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