Floyd County Quilt Show

This post is long overdue! I hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts that were present at the show. I’ll admit it was smaller than I was expecting, but still a lot of fun and the art was very inspiring. Very traditional styles prevailed here. I was disappointed that there were only a couple of vendors, but that was probably better for my bank account anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Best in Show winner, by Fran Kordek

Check out the amazing quilting!

I really liked their ribbons.

So cute, and so much detail!

My personal favorite of the art quilts.

Applique just takes my breath away. It looks so complicated!

“Plant the Seeds and Celebrate the Beauty of Nature,” by Gwen Goepel

There are quite a few more photos in my Picasa album here, feel free to check it out!


4 thoughts on “Floyd County Quilt Show

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  2. These quilts are all so amazing – thank you very much for sharing. I marvel at the skill required to create these; quilts like these make me want to try quilting myself. I think my favourites are the first and last ones that you shared here (because I love sunflowers), but your personal favourite is also gorgeous and amazingly detailed.


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