Another Finished (sort of) UFO

So the Mystery Quilt for Jack had been languishing at Clue #2 for weeks, while I finished the Blodeuwedd’s Woods quilt. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling that inspired to finish it, either. I liked the colors, I liked the fabrics, I liked the cause…I just didn’t have much of a visual for inspiration and apparently I need that. Regardless, I sat down yesterday and finished it out. I was a bit upset when I realized that the border fabric HAD NOT been cut with the cutting in the beginning. As I’ve said before, I hate cutting. As a result I decided to forgo all that irritation and annoyance and just call it done without the borders. I like the design as it is, and while borders would add a bit more size, it’s just perfect for what I was planning to do with it anyway.

I’m pretty happy. Another quilt top finished, go me!



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