UFO Sunday

Well, considering I only had Sunday off this week, I’d say I got a respectable amount done.

The Little Miss quilt is half quilted.

I’m doing simple crosshatch quilting. It just seemed to match the best. And that was all done yesterday (Sunday) so I’m quite pleased. Another couple hours and the quilting should be done, then just to bind, wash, and gift!

This is the other UFO that’s been sitting in our main room for awhile.

Until yesterday, it was just an empty, dry tank sitting there while I slowly accumulated all the equipment needed to start up the aquarium. I have everything but the buckets and fish now, so I’ve started the cycling process. I’m using this tutorial on fishless cycling. I really don’t want to risk killing any fish, which I would undoubtedly do in my total newbie state of knowledge.

My other half and best friend both said that, well, duh, of course my fish tank needs a castle. So a castle it is. I’m working on getting some plants (because it also wouldn’t be my fish tank without real plants) but the store I was at last night didn’t have what I wanted and of course, it was Sunday so the other one was closed before I could get there. I shall update periodically on the status of the tank…I find the whole process extremely interesting and have been reading almost everything I can get my hands on. Can’t wait to actually have some inhabitants but I want to get the water in good condition first.


6 thoughts on “UFO Sunday

  1. I like your quilt–so many squares! That’s a lot of work to keep it all lined up.

    I haven’t had a fish tank for a while, but it’s funny how it started with one little fish in a bowl (thanks to my first college roommate), and within a few years I was lugging a 15-gallon tank to and from college! Funny, my Mom overfed the fish that I left at home, and so after an academic year, I’d return home and fish that used to be the same size weren’t even close anymore. I also had a yellow snail that knew where to be when I fed the fish, and he got so fat he couldn’t completely fold himself into his shell ; )


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