Fish Tales

Looks like work is picking up again (no more weeks of two days on call), so my blogging time has been a bit short. Also went to see family a few hours away for Thanksgiving. Driving there and back in a day always makes me feel so tired! But it was great to see everyone.

However, ask any of my friends (and probably coworkers) and the fish tank is what has been occupying most of my free brain cells this week.

The water finally cleared up!

I couldn’t find pure ammonia to cycle the tank with, so decided after much reading and browsing online forums that cycling with fish would be alright so long as I kept a close watch on the water parameters. I’ve been testing morning and evening since they arrived.

Red wag platys.

They are tiny, just a little longer than my first knuckle. But you can definitely tell a difference in them, one is very reticent and spooks easily – the hidey-fish. The other, which flopped around and around in the net when we moved them, swims right up and stares at whatever disturbs her, and she has dark mustache-like markings under her mouth that make her look very displeased. They are both (supposedly) females. I made the poor salesgirl at Petsmart inspect them (and one other that I wanted to take home but that would never unclamp its anal fin enough) for a long time to make sure. I don’t want baby fish, though from what I have read livebearers that have been kept in multi-sex tanks ever are probably already pregnant. Heh. We’ll see.


“Bite me.”

I am not very happy with the light I have right now. It looks very harsh and I’m not sure how good it will be for the plants that are in there. They are water wisteria and java fern (which I know is not supposed to be planted in rocks…it is just barely held in there with a few pebbles holding it down in hopes that it will wrap roots around the pebbles and grow along the bed), which are both supposed to be okay in low light. Still, I don’t think the fish like it either. I might brave the crowds today and try to go to Petco and see what other lights are available. I want to eventually go for a very nice, natural (don’t talk to me about the castle, haha) aquascaped look.


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