Yule Fail?

I feel like I really kind of failed at Yule this year. I think it’s compounded by the fact that I still feel like I’m waiting for the season to get here, since the image in my blog header is more accurate of our weather than one like this:

photo by DWinton on Flickr

I know I’m in the minority, or so it seems, but I genuinely like snow and am really bummed that the weather is so uncooperative right now. I’m also feeling a bit sad for all the living creatures out in nature right now. I’m not the only one confused.

from Margaret Roach at A Way To Garden

The changes in climate are really affecting all the plants and animals as the usual cycles don’t take place. What about all the fruit trees?

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Yule. While we don’t participate in the massively stupid competition that many like to make out of presents, I do usually like to give people I’m close to some nice little “I thought of you” type gifts. I also like to send out a card/letter. Welp. This year everything sort of snuck up on me and none of that got done. I did get a few gifts for a few people, and I’m hoping to bake a few goodies to give to a few others, maybe on Christmas Eve. But as far as the gifts that I wanted to make for people? Nada. I feel sad, but at the same time I just honestly didn’t. have. time. The last two weeks I’ve basically been running on the wheel of sleep, work, eat, repeat.

Besides all that, I feel very awkward at this time of year because most everyone is celebrating on December 25th, when I really feel like the real holiday is the 21st and anything after is a continuation. I am ecstatic that tomorrow is the darkest day of the year. I mean, really. Yule is a celebration of light to me, and if I had lots of time and imagination my entire apartment would be lit up with all kinds of candles and lights – and yes, I love driving around and looking at people’s houses all decorated (minus the godawful blow-up things). I am so happy when the “days” start getting longer. The cycle of the year is a beautiful thing, but there are definitely times I like more than others. The stretch between Halloween and Christmas always feels the longest and most dreary to me.

So, since I didn’t get much done in way of celebrating this year, I’m sitting here pondering what I could do for next year. Some ideas:

Pick a tree in a local park to decorate. We have a fake tree in our apartment, because cutting down a live tree to bring in for a few days just makes me sad. Obviously the decorations would have to be either biodegradable or useful for the birds or something.
Write the “Christmas letter” right after Halloween. I thought of it first then, decided it was too early, and then it never got done. If my brain thinks that’s when it should be written, then I should have done it. Maybe I’ll still get to a “New Year’s” kind of letter, who knows.
Pick a non-profit to donate a nice chunk of cash to, and send announcements to friends (maybe with the letter?) that we chose to give to people who desperately needed basic necessities rather than contributing to the re-gifting pile at their house. Yes, yes, I know. I hear the cries of “But that’s so tacky!” already. But honestly, I’ve thought of doing this for years and I think I’ve just finally had enough. So sick of the materialism that surrounds this holiday in our country that I’m just ready to say screw it all.
Sit down right after Halloween and pick out a few recipes for cakes and cookies, and people I’d like to send them to. Yes, I mail food. Have you ever received a package of homemade goodies from friends hundreds of miles away? No matter how crumbly the cookies are, they still taste a thousand times better than anything you’ve eaten before.
Have a Yule bonfire. I don’t know how likely this is, but I so want a huge, roaring, leaping bonfire surrounded by friends holding candles. In the snow, preferably, but I’m not convinced that’s going to happen around here.

So there’s my ideas for next year. For this year, we’re preparing to drive to Alabama to see family so I’ll probably be incommunicado for a few days. A very blessed Yule to you all!


5 thoughts on “Yule Fail?

  1. I can’t help with the yule bonfire, but i can help with one after that — our tree is totally real, and since we don’t have a farm, we don’t have anywhere to burn it on Beltane. Help us find a spot? Trust me, once you’ve seen a dry fir tree go up, you will seriously consider ever having one in your home again. (And yet I do. Every year.)


  2. Think of it as not failing but adjusting your expectations. I took cake decorating classes from a lovely lady named, Della. She always reminded us when we were disappointed with something we had done that if we didn’t tell people exactly what something was suppose to be then we could take the compliments for what they ending up being. Have a safe trip.


  3. I’m going to save part of the trunk of this year’s tree to burn for a Yule log next year. I do definitely want to have a fire, even a small one, on the 31st for the 12th Night, and make my Oaths.

    If I’m in this house next year, we can totally decorate the apple tree out front…

    I agree about the non-profit. I’ve actually been thinking about doing that, with Heifer International. And then, rather than be obligated to give everyone gifts, I can *make* something small for those I *want* to.

    And I’m with you on the Christmas letter, because I thought about doing it right after Halloween, and now it’s right before Christmas, and not done. πŸ˜‰

    *hugs* Have a safe trip to Alabama. Don’t feel like you failed, though. I keep having to remind myself that I haven’.


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