I seem to have needed more than usual this month. I apologize for the lack of posts, but honestly I haven’t been doing much worth telling, just trying to stay afloat. For me that means lots of “turtle time,” lots of time spent trying to make things. More on those projects later, but for now just a few pictures.

The snow we finally got! This was the morning after.

Getting stuck on the highway in it for 4-5 hours wasn’t so pretty, but it was somewhat entertaining. You learn a lot about your coworkers when you have to share a stopped vehicle with them for hours.

New fish! A bristlenose pleco juvenile, gender yet undetermined.

The kitten-turned juvenile with a biting problem that’s about to drive me bananas. Don’t let the innocent expression fool you.

But then he does stuff like fall asleep in my lap and touch my nose with his paw, and I can forgive him.


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