A Walk in the Park

It was very gray and rainy today. The pictures aren’t great, but they were taking whilst walking and trying to look inconspicuous. I really like living so close to the Greenway here, it’s probably the best place we’ve lived for having an escape (well, a semi-escape) from the city noise. I should have gone for a walk when there was still snow on the ground, it would have been a lot prettier!

A train loaded with coal.

Roanoke River. Very low, mostly clear, but with depressing amounts of trash scattered throughout.


Maybe it’s mostly clear because it IS so low right now.

More river.

You can just barely see the Roanoke Star on the left of the hill.

Someone had left several of these little nut/seed caches under trees in the park. I attracted the attention of several runners as I circled the various trees and took pictures of, apparently, the ground. Haha!

“And if the birds find shelter here, why not I?”

You can just barely see my little squirrely friend (had to crop and crop again), but I was afraid I’d scare him off if I got any closer.









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