Make It Simple

I think I might have found my focus for this year: simplification.

Consolidating and reducing bills, reducing environmental footprint, and turning my outside-of-work interests into something profitable (not just something I spend all my spare money on). Been thinking a lot on that one. So between knitting, sewing, hiking, and gardening…well, all those things have one common thread – they all demand lots of photographs. Maybe I’m the only one that can make that connection, but there it is. I’ve been addicted to taking photos since I was a teenager (maybe before, but that was when someone gave me a digital camera and suddenly I could take as many pictures as my little heart desired). I’m still very much an amateur, but I have a few photos I’ve taken that inspire me and I hope share my love of beauty and the earth with others.

That said, I’ve opened a Redbubble shop. Bent Needle Photography will be slowly updated as I have more shots I think are print-worthy. Photos are available on greeting cards/postcards, and as photographic or canvas prints. While eventually I hope to have a stock of professionally printed photos in a gallery setup, Redbubble is an easy and low-cost outlay and satisfied my need to do something now.

In other news, I’ve been knitting as though my life depended on it. At least my sanity does, at this point.


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