When There Was Knitting

And not much else. Not much else that bears writing about, anyway. Job situation for me and the other half is not good right now, so I’ve been knitting like the wind to save my sanity. It’s working…mostly. Also been doing some spinning, since I got a gift of a spinning class at my LYS for my birthday. After years of spinning on a spindle, I get to play with a wheel and I’m in love. Now I just need to figure out how to fund one of these (just think of all the beautiful ways you could finish that!). Oops…back to the job thing again. So lets talk about the knitting…

Finished a pair of socks for the February SKA challenge on Ravelry:

Pattern is “Lord, What Fools,” by Claire Ellen. I am in love with her designs and want to knit them all.

This top was also finished, though after blocking it took a turn for the worse and is now in time-out until I actually want to wear it, at which time some mods and steam blocking will be required. I’ve decided that I don’t get along with cotton blend yarns. Meh. Oh, the pattern is “Gemini.”

This is yarn I spun 4 years ago (first attempt at chain-plying, so it was a bit uneven) that has sat sadly in my stash waiting for the right project to come along to make its 100 yards of squishiness shine. I finally found it.

Chickadee Cowl,” by Kristen Kapur.

And then these projects are all in progress (links on my Rav page and will be blogged properly when finished).

Those last socks were nearly destroyed a few days ago, when Alfred dug them out of my knitting bag (which was ON my craft table, UNDER some magazines) and had a heyday with it. Chewed through the yarn in two places and utterly, completely destroyed the needles – which were, of course, the only ones I can knit socks on due to my super-loose gauge. He doesn’t realize how close he came to being made into socks himself. Grrrr. Thankfully the sock itself was untouched.

So yes. Knitting, and not much else.


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