A New Venture!

Well, through all the mad-insane-crazy (yes, I needed ALL the adjectives, precious) creating I’ve been doing lately, I’ve come up with a new venture. In my frantic quest for kitten-proof bags for my knitting and spinning projects, I discovered that probably the best way to get exactly what I wanted was…to make my own! I’ve become a little bit obsessed, which made me start thinking, which made me start researching, which gave me a whole slew of ideas…

Why yes, the print on this bag is sideways. Hence prototype (i.e., I didn’t have enough fabric if I turned it the other way…).

I’ve re-opened my Etsy store, under a new name – Bent Needle Designs. The pics are my samples/prototypes of bags that either are or will eventually be in the shop. I love modern fabric prints and high quality materials – two things I rarely find combined in project bags (though there are a couple lovely makers out there that I love). I have a lot to learn about having a business, but right now I’m having a lot of fun. 😉

Eventually I hope to offer things other than just project bags, but for now I have a million ideas floating around in my head for new bags and new designs, and there are so many lovely new fabric lines coming out right now! To celebrate both spring and the grand opening of the store, there is free domestic shipping (discounted international) for the month of April. I hope you’ll pop over and have a look, and use code BLOGLOVE for an extra 10% off. 🙂


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