Places to Go

My list of places I can reasonably hope to go is rather short this summer. I’ve got something coming up I need to save some PTO for, and gas prices haven’t come down much anyway. There are a few places in daytrip distance I’d like to go, but I can never seem to remember them when we have a “What’re we gonna do today?” moment. So…I’m making a list. Including prices for admission and approximate distance from Roanoke because that figures into the choices as well.

Natural Bridge (and caverns)- both, $29 a person, bridge only $21 – 40 miles, less than an hour drive
Monticello – The suggested Presidential Itinerary sounds really interesting, but also out of budget. Monticello day pass and tour is $24 per person. 2.5 hours.
Virginia State Capitol Building – free so far as I can tell from the website – 190 miles, 3.5 hour drive
Edgar Allen Poe Museum – not sure how exciting this would be, but I love Poe. $6 a person, ~3 hour drive.
Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tours – Yes, please, in spite of the cheesy freak picture on the main page. I love stories of ghosts and hauntings. They also do haunted pub crawls, and one of their tours departs from the Edgar Allen Poe Museum. $15 a person, ~3 hour drive.
Library of Virginia – enough said, yes? Huge library, lots of historical documents and collections. Free. ~3 hour drive.
Historic Jamestown – obviously. $14 a person but good for 7 days and includes the Yorktown battlefield. 4+ hour drive, Yorktown an additional 40 minutes.
Science Museum of Western VA – honestly, I just want to see the butterflies. $4 a person after July 1, and it’s right here in Roanoke.
Smith Mountain Lake State Park – everyone keeps talking about it, but I’m iffy because the lake is man-made. However, apparently there is quite a little network of hiking trails that no one mentioned, so a day scouting the lake and boat (jetski!!) rental prospects wouldn’t be entirely wasted. $2-3 parking fee. ~1 hour or less.
Assateague Island National Seashore – because I was enthralled with the Misty books as a kid, and it looks beautiful. I think this would have to be an overnight trip though or we would just be miserable. Price depends on if you decide to rent a kayak, see the lighthouse, etc. $5-75 a person, 380 miles ~6.5 hours.
Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center – pushing the limits of a daytrip with this one, too. But I’m sure we could find something else to do in Virginia Beach if we decided to stay all night. $22-28 per person depending on if you choose the Imax option. Boat trips in conjunction more. 4 hours 45 minutes.

There. Now I have a long list of possibilities. Looks like the list leans heavily on the Richmond side though…hmm…


4 thoughts on “Places to Go

  1. There is also Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest in Forest, Va, just 45 miles east of Roanoke. I think it’s free to tour the grounds, but take $20 a person just in case I am wrong.


  2. I was fortunate enough to visit Monticello two years ago. I have to say I’d walk back there if I could. The history is amazing, the architecture is wonderful, and the gardens are just beyond belief. We talk about it and all wish we could return. πŸ™‚


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