Finding Time

First I want to point out the new header. It’s a little grainy, but it’s of the view off my grandma’s front porch and I think it’s beautiful. One of these days I’ll have a decent camera!

School has been keeping me CRAZY busy. I love a good challenge, but I also love a little time to mentally recharge by doing something that’s NOT school. That’s a little hard right now, but most nights I still manage about 15-20 minutes to listen to a little of my book (or talk on the phone) and stitch a little. Right now I’m listening to Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper. It’s a series I’ve been wanting to read for awhile but have just never gotten around to it. I have a real weakness for kids’ books, haha.

Also, I found a project that I think is both long enough for me to feel accomplished but small enough for me to complete no matter what (knock. on. wood.) I end up doing for the rest of the year. Even better, it’s going to allow collaboration with my friend Draken’s Dottir!

She has tons of beautiful designs, and awesome other things for stitching! And I love the way she styles her photographs.

The Primitive Hare has this beautiful set of free patterns celebrating each of the pagan sabbats. While I’m not a real proponent of any religion, I LOVE watching the seasons change and nature prepare for each one. It’s a big part of the reason I loved Virginia so much. You get all four seasons and they’re all beautiful. Anyway, I think the sabbats are a lovely way to celebrate the change of the seasons, and the fact that there are eight of them means you get to celebrate both the change of seasons and the season itself. These little patterns make sweet little ornaments or pillows, or you could even put them all together. We’re going to do them individually, I’ll stitch and Draken will finish them.

So, the next sabbat is Imbolc, on February 2. The goal (subject to change, we both have rather busy, crazy lives) is to have the first one done by then, at which time I’ll put up finished pictures and a brief history of or story about Imbolc. She’ll also be blogging about it, but I’m not sure what she has planned. Enought talk, more pictures. This is the lovely pattern, and I’m using all DMC on Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof 28 count, from The Silver Needle.


Hopefully this will work out and we’ll stay motivated! Anyone want to join us? If there’s any interest we could make it a group thing. 🙂


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