Mail Time!

I’ve finally got some of my pretty papers and inks back, and I got to go find some postcards at the giftshop here! I was really excited to finally send out a nice stack of mail. I actually wrote quite a lot of letters in the past year, just to a very few people and usually on very plain notebook paper. Both writing and receiving letters were my link to my loved ones over the months of no technology, and many Sundays I spent hours just writing letters and rereading ones I’d received.

I was going to post a couple pictures of the stack of mail I sent out (last Monday), but my usual photo editor with the handy little blur tool for addresses isn’t working, and I’ve spent probably an hour trying to find/upload/use another one. I’ve completely exhausted my supply of patience, so sadly I have no pictures.

Also, I’ve discovered – a week after the fact – that the mailbox I dropped my lovely stack of letters and postcards into DOESN’T GET CHECKED REGULARLY. What. the everlasting. Why is there even a box with a posted pickup time if they’re not going to check it?!? I’m really upset, as the Imbolc project and a couple of letters going to Europe were in it, along with a bunch of postcards. 😦 I was told to remind the powers that be on Tuesday and hopefully they will remind the mail person to empty the box. I sincerely hope so…I’ll be so sad if all that stuff just goes off to the big post office in the sky.

What I do have a picture of is a sort of life-improvement project. The past several years have seen not the best financial situation in my life, due to a lot of different factors. This year I really want to try to save some money, and while poking around Pinterest I kept seeing all the cute little 52 Week Savings Challenge things. I love the idea, but having the largest savings weeks at the END of the year had me a bit skeptical. So I’ve twisted it up a bit. I made my little savings pouch, complete with handwritten chart, and I’ll be saving what I can each week. Some weeks more, some weeks less, and gradually checking off all the amounts on the chart. This way I can clear off those scary $52, $51, $50 weeks early in the game. I really hope I can stay on track with this throughout the year! It’s kind of fun to put the cash in there each week. NOT having the money easily accessible in my online savings account is actually helping me, so far. Too easy to transfer and spend! I’m not sure what I’ll do with the $1378 at the end of the year. Of course the best thing to do would be put it in an account or investment, buuuut…I don’t know. I don’t do so well with making the most responsible choices, heh. I’d be a lot more excited about using it towards something fun, a trip, or a new bike, or something like that. But we’ll see. Anyway, here’s my “piggy bank!”


ETA: Wow, apparently this is my 200th post on this blog! That’s kind of cool. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


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