Confession Time

So, remember the little 52 week savings challenge I posted about way back in January (which does seem like forever ago)? Well…I failed. Miserably. I lasted till about the middle of February. Then, we passed our first milestone exam and were allowed to go places and do things and I spent it all the first weekend.

There. I feel like a horribly uncontrolled spender now. I had to post about it though…just to keep myself honest. Yes, I’m embarrassed. A little frustrated. But I have learned/confirmed that for me, going long periods of time without spending ANY money – or at least telling myself I can’t spend any – results in binge spending. I guess much the way a strict diet often results in binge eating? Keeping myself honest here is more motivation for doing better, too.

So what did I spend it on? Well, mostly just me. After months of just working hard, concentrating on just finishing the next task in front of me, I just kind of spoiled myself. I bought a new pair of jeans, had a facial (my first ever, and it was lovely), and a few other things. Also ate delicious, non-cafeteria food for the first time since Christmas. Even if I felt somewhat guilty, it was worth it. Sometimes sanity has a price. 😛

Now you all know. I feel a little better. I’ll try it again, but probably when life is a bit more stable.


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