The Obsession Returns

116It never really left, but it definitely had to take a back seat for awhile.

I have a lot of mild obsessions, so you might wonder which one I’m referring to THIS time. However, I can honestly say I’ve only had TWO lifelong obsessions, or at least two that quite literally date back to my very earliest memories. This one, rather inconvienient for someone who moves as often as I seem fated to do, is books. Not just reading them. Collecting them. I haven’t had all my books unpacked in almost 3 years now. When I moved the last time (to a permanent – or so I thought, haha – residence), one of my bookshelves, of course the largest, broke in transit so I literally had no room for them all, and I never replaced the shelf because…well, you know. The best laid plans of mice and men.

But now I’m in a new place. My place. Where I can collect MY things. Because when I move again, I’m paying someone to move my stuff. I swear I will. So I’m allowing myself to collect books (and other things…but that’s neither here nor there) again. I feel like I deserve it. I even had my longsuffering husband – he doesn’t quite understand my love of books but he puts up with it and appreciates that they look nice on the shelves – mail me a box from home that I thought I really just couldn’t live without any longer.

I’ve been here for a little over 3 weeks. The picture above was what my “collection” looked like when I got here. The picture below is what it looks like now. Some of those are the box from home. Some are courtesy of a couple Amazon late-night impulse purchases. I might also have about 10 more, purchased used from various places (most through Amazon), on their way to me. But goddamn if surface mail isn’t the slowest thing ever to an APO box. That said…I love looking at them. Isn’t that silly? But I do.

Also, I’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow. I finished my 25 books in 2015 Challenge over on GoodReads. I have one book left of the stack I borrowed from the teeny tiny library here, and I’m halfway through that. I’m not borrowing any more books from the library until I’ve read all the ones I haven’t read up there on that little shelf. I’m not, I’m NOT!

I also updated (and reorganized, and regrouped, and retagged) my library on LibraryThing. Since I can’t physically shelve and organize the books, might as well do in virtually. I hadn’t been on there for awhile and didn’t realize I’d left some of X’s books on it…oops. That has since been remedied, and I actually don’t have nearly as many books as I thought. 256, not counting audiobooks or e-books. See, plenty of room to expand, right?

I think the postal clerks are tired of seeing me already. Oh well. Maybe I’ll make them some cookies. 😀




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