A Little Progress

I’m feeling a little lost in the making stuff area right now. I know what I WANT to work on, but since my sewing machine and all my fabric/quilting stuff is still at home…gah. Along with everything else I really care about. But I’m NOT going to make this a whiny post! There is progress to be seen! 😛

So, I’ve been working on my cross stitch. Sadly NOT the sabbats plan from earlier this year…I’m currently out of fabric for it, but that should soon be fixed, as soon as my 123Stitch order arrives. I was plodding along on my “Earth Goddess,” but I might have looked at the sheer size of it and despaired of ever finishing, so I switched back over to my slightly smaller “Quilter” WIP until my courage comes back. I think I made some decent progress tonight! Sorry for the bad lighting, and I’m not sure why WordPress has decided to squish all my photos recently…

June 2015 040

This is where it was when I started.

June 2015 042

And here when I stopped. Not sure how long I actually worked on it, because I took some breaks and got distracted a few times. For once I was just stitching, not listening to an audiobook. Very calming.

June 2015 041

Posed shot from when I got irritated with my unorganized threads and stopped to put them on the rings in order.

I think I’ll try to work on this for about a week and then see how I feel about Earth Goddess. I reeeeeeally want to finish her and have her up on my wall somewhere, but it’s just SO BIG and it feels like I stitch so damn slowly!


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