Stitching Rotation – Or How to Make Progress With Project ADD

I mentioned switching projects in my post last week, and I decided that I would work on my Quilter stitch for a week before moving back to Earth Goddess. I wrote in 3 days this week to work on it for an hour – which, including this weekend, I probably put in about 5 hours of work on it. Listened to The Dark is Rising while I stitched. Why didn’t I read these books when I was a kid? Anyway. I’m pretty stoked about how much progress I’ve made since picking it up last week! Check it out.

June 2015 040

And now:

June 2015 022

How about yeah??? I’m thinking even if I only work on this every 3rd week, a Christmas finish is definitely in reach. I would be so excited to be able to mail this to my grandma for her Christmas present. SO EXCITED. Fingers crossed.

In the midst of this progress, I discovered I was missing a thread color. Because it seems I can NEVER buy thread for a project without missing one or two. So of course I had to put in a 123Stitch order…squee! Coming this week. Can’t wait. Because, also of course, I didn’t just order the one skein of floss. Hehe.

I might work on Earth Goddess some this week, but my main goal is to get a little caught up on the Sabbat smalls I’ve been supposed to be working on since February. I ordered more fabric for them from 123Stitch and since I found a tiny little scrap shuffled into the middle of my patterns when I was reorganizing (and inventorying) this morning, I’ve started on the Beltane pattern. We’ll see if I can finish it by next week!


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