Happy 4th of July!!!

This is almost my favorite holiday of the year. I have a lot of good memories of it, from growing up all the way up till now. Last year was probably my worst, but it was still the brightest day in the middle of a very long string of VERY BAD days! This year was better…I’m still not with my family, but I spent it with some new friends, in a new country – and still got to celebrate with fireworks! One of these days all the people I love will be in the same place again.

In the meantime, I was playing with my new camera, and I’m pretty excited about some of the pics I got! Hope you all enjoy them too.

July 4th 026 July 4th 013 July 4th 018 July 4th 015 July 4th 029 July 4th 030Too bad there was that annoying pole in the middle of practically all of them. We tried but there was just no where that had a clear view. Also the second from last one just reminds me of the giant droid things from Star Wars, haha!



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