Patience…Or Lack Thereof

I am excessively frustrated with Shutterfly right now. Apparently they send all their image prints via UPS, which take 6 weeks plus to arrive here. Absolutely ridiculous, especially considering what I paid for shipping. How hard is it to ship via USPS?? WTF.

I’m so aggravated because I’ve been itching to work on my new Project Life obsession, and I only have a handful of pictures to work with at the moment. Most of which aren’t even mine, they’re ones my parents took and sent to me! Ugh. So even the 4 pages I have are extremely bare and nothing is journaled yet because I don’t have all the pictures so I don’t know if everything is where I want it…OMG HURRY UP ALREADY. I’ve put in a test order with Persnickety Prints, which, according to their website, ships Priority. So we’ll see if those get here any faster.

Here’s what I have so far, my very first attempt at Project Life and my first attempt in a very long time at any kind of scrapbooking.

June 2015 012-001

These are a little Instalbum thing I’m trying to do.

June 2015 084-001 June 2015 085-001

These are pics from my grandmother’s trip to see my parents. They sent me a ton of pictures and even though I wasn’t there, I loved seeing them all so I decided I’d put them in my album too. And let’s face it, they were the only prints I had at the moment and I was dying to start putting some pages together. I have next to no tools/embellishments/paper with me at the moment, other than the PL Core Kit I bought a couple months ago (thanks Shutterfly…STILL WAITING), so they look very plain, but I’m having fun.


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