The Little Quilter That Could

All together! Phew.

So, this quilt? I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Not only is it the largest I’ve ever made, it’s only the 3rd I’ve attempted to free motion quilt, 2nd on this machine, and only the 5th I’ve ever quilted, period. So, while that in and of itself is challenging enough, I was also too impatient to wait on ordering backing and batting from the States to finish it. DH kept asking if it was done and why I was working on something else…he’s so excited, it’s adorable. I love him. ❤ Anywho, we decided to go down to the Korean fabric market to find stuffs to finish.

We found a very nice, but heavy navy cotton. Kind of like Kona but a tad heavier. The search for batting took longer. Google Translate doesn’t know quite what to do with the word and pictures weren’t that helpful either. After madly dashing around (the market was about to close), we found a store that looked like it was kind of a quilting supply store…kind of. And hallelujah! Cotton batting. It looked a little thicker than what I was used to seeing, but it felt and looked nice, and for 11 yards it was only about 45 US dollars.

He keeps trying to “help” and ending up only adding to my frustration. Good thing he’s so cute.

Fast forward to basting the quilt. When I picked it up off the floor, I staggered. It was shockingly heavy. Feeling the first real flutters of unease, I started it on the machine. First up was stitch in the ditch with a walking foot around the sashing. Which, while it still made my arms ache, wasn’t too bad. Took several hours, but it looked pretty good and I was happy with it.

One of the better sections.

Horrible, horrible. Red thread on white fabric = no forgiveness, at all. Stitch in the ditch obviously not for FMQ, only to be attempted with a walking foot. Lesson learned.

Doesn’t look as bad from the back, somehow. At least not to me, even if you can still see some of the wobbliness. Ignore all the fuzz.  

Well. Attempting to free-motion quilt…not. so. much. It’s horrendously heavy and no matter how I try to support it (granted, I only have an oval dining room table) it slides around so badly that every time I stop, I end up with a jagged stitch out of place. I’m very frustrated and just want it to be over. I’m glad my next FMQ project is already basted, backed with wonderfully soft, light Bella and with an almost paper thin cotton batting. And it’s only lap size.

On the bright side, even when I threw a literal temper tantrum over all the mistakes in the quilting, my husband declared he loves it and please stop fussing about it because he won’t notice my “mistakes” and if he does ever see anything it will just remind him I made it. Awwww.

28 blocks quilted, 52 more to go.


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