Harness Attempt #1

It’s been awhile since my last kitty post, so indulge me here.

Tristan continues to make my life so much brighter, full of little nose bumps and face pats and cuteness. He also has developed the extremely annoying habit of meowing. Constantly. Unless he is completely engaged in either watching the HORRIBLE pigeons that are trying to nest on our balcony, playing, or snuggling.

Don’t worry, there’s a very sturdy screen in the window. 

 If I am up doing something that isn’t directly relating to him, he is near my feet or wandering around a few feet from, meowing. Loudly. If DH and I are in bed and he thinks we shouldn’t be, he meows. LOUDLY. The only solution to the early morning meows has been to boot him out of the bedroom and shut the door. It took several mornings of pillows over our heads to convince him that standing right outside the door and continuing to meow would not make the door open again.

He’s been to the vet and there is nothing medically wrong with him. He’s just an active, curious young cat that needs more to keep him entertained, I think. Since his favorite activity is, by far (other than being on my lap or under my feet), hanging out in front of the window and watching everything, I decided to embark on an attempt to teach him to walk on harness and lead. Below is the first look at him trying out the harness.

He wasn’t overly impressed, as I said, but overall had a pretty good attitude. He’s so highly motivated by the (rare) treats it’s adorable. However, after watching this video and trying it on him one more time, I decided this harness was too small. It was really altering how he walked in front because the back strap came too far forward. Sigh. So off it goes to be returned and a new one ordered. Another 10 days to wait. Boo. But, I’m pretty excited that he wasn’t freaking out over it. It will also give me time to focus on my soon-to-be- first attempt at clicker training a cat. I’ve been reading on it and while a cat’s attention span is generally much shorter than a dog’s, it can be used successfully. Fingers crossed.


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