Odd Places

Today feels like a very weird day. It should be a good day…somewhat sunny outside (read: cloudy but bright), it’s Saturday, I didn’t sleep in too late, had delicious coffee and the husband made bacon for breakfast. Tristan has been super snuggly and lovey.

That little face.

That little face.

Husband is playing on the PS4, I have a handful of lovely letters to reply to AND about 3 books I’ve been dying to read, not to mention the journal and scrapbook I’ve been itching to make. And the knitting project. And the hibernating quilt project.



Knitting project.

Knitting project.

Yet I’m in some kind of odd place mentally and none of those are appealing. I’m not bored. Just…my brain is shooting all these different directions and can’t focus on any of them. I feel like a honeybee with ADD. In my head, anyway…physically, it sent me to the couch, to the computer, and to the bathtub. Where I decided the logical thing to do was to write a blog post about it, and then either make myself a drink or take a nap. Not sure which is more appealing right now.

I really want to be outside. But I’ve managed to injure my hip somehow and am on strict doctor’s orders to rest. Which means sit. And stretch. And walk a little. But no climbing or hiking or carrying packs…which rules out all the fun weekend stuff we had been planning to do. Hopefully just for about 3 weeks, but still…do you know how HOT it will be in a few more weeks? Also, I found, after more than a year of looking, potting soil…which means I could start a few container plants…but then, we will only be here less than another year and can’t take them with, so what’s the point?


This is the kind of day it feels like it should be.


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