Something-Else Sunday

Not really related to books, just my life. Not sure if this will be a continuous thing, or just for today – because I have about FIVE books I need to write reviews for, but right now I am taking a deep breath before the oncoming week hits. Yes. Oncoming. Because right now my next week feels like a train about to hit me. I did something to my hip about a month ago, and despite being on light activity for that time, it hasn’t healed. At all. Went back to the doctor on Friday and was put on doctor’s orders for NO activity, which is just about killing this outdoors-loving bookworm. But considering even a few minutes of activity makes me feel as achy and decrepit as I imagine a 90-year-old woman would feel…yep. Parking my butt in a chair and tearing through as many books as humanly possible seems to be the only way to deal.

Anyway, let’s start with the cuteness that is Sir Tristan. Because he makes us smile! And want to kiss his fuzzy little head! And, erm, buy bookmarks in his honor. Because – orange cat butt. How could I resist? Get your own from the My Bookmark shop. They’re so cute. A little pricey, yes, but they are handmade and the bookmark itself is metal and very sturdy. No affiliation, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them. This won’t be my last. Wait, that was book related. Oh well. Books infiltrate my entire life! And I like it. Mmmhm.


Something else…spinning! One of my many textile/fiber related creative pursuits. The Tour de France is in full swing right now, and as such so is the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. I’m spinning for a couple of different teams, the Fat Cat Knits dyer team, and the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup) team. So far I’ve managed to spin a little bit (one day it was only about 3 yards of a single) every day, but only have one completed yarn to show for it.


This lovely is from some of Fat Cat Knits’ fiber.

Progress on my second yarn. 2 plies completed to go.

Progress on my second yarn. 2 plies completed now…one to go.

Tristan takes his supervising duties very seriously.

Tristan takes his supervising duties very seriously.

I’ve been rather remiss in my snail mail the past couple of weeks. But, at least, my rate of incoming/outgoing has been about the same, so my reply pile has stayed at about the same number! Hopefully my letter-writing mojo will return this week.

This week's outgoing.

This week’s outgoing.

And one more kitty pic, just for smiles. Because he is my little ray of sunshine, every day.

My little snuggler.

My little snuggler.


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