Book HANGOVER – A Court of Mist and Fury

Photo linked to appropriate Society6 store. I need this.

No, this is not a review. Not yet. This is just me…flailing. Because OMG all the feels. And because I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. to finish this 630 page beast (no pun intended) and was drinking wine so I feel a little bit actually hungover. I started reading at noon yesterday and only took a few breaks. You know, because eating. And picking the husband up from work.

Found this “Which Court Do You Belong In” quiz, which is OBVIOUSLY WRONG, because somehow it says I belong in the Spring Court. *sob*

Yes, I am showing my new bookmarks off everywhere. Because they’re that adorable.

My morning has been spent finding everything I possibly can on the next books. The next one of which will not be released until MAY 2017. WHAT DO I DO?!? There’s not even a title yet.
Also, ALL the Rhysand/Night Court candles. Because I need them, obviously. I need to be able to smell that sea/citrus/starlight scent. *hearteyes*

Specifically this one. Aaaah! Link to store.

Also this. And this. Because Evie Bookish’s store is awesome.

Real review forthcoming, some time this week. If I can become coherent again.



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