Something Else Sunday #4

It’s Sunday again! Every week I am so excited that it’s the weekend but…how is it Sunday, AGAIN? Haha.

This week I actually have something to share that I am SUPER excited about! Back in February I came to a standstill on this massive quilt for my husband. It’s in honor of his military service (obviously, I think? haha). I made a lot of mistakes and the design is much more traditional than I usually go for. It suits my husband well, though. Lots of new skills on this one. It was my first time with applique’ (the stars), and my first time trying to quilt anything this large. My biggest mistake was trying to free-motion stitch in the ditch. OMG. Rage. So much rage. I will never, ever do that again. In the end I just had to go with the squiggly lines and call it part of the design. Makes it look more “rustic,” I guess. *eyeroll* But, DH seems to love it even with all the mistakes, and that’s the most important part.

Also received some lovely snail mail this week! I have some very talented friendship check out the brush script and lovely handwriting!

I sent out quite a bit too! Well, ok. This is what I wrote over the weekend and is going out Monday, but still.

Something Sunday wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Sir Tristan! He was shoving his head into my chin while I tried to take this picture because I was neglecting my dutiful scratching of HIS chin. Spoiled baby.


Upcoming reviews this week:

I’m trying for 3 reviews this week! I’d been going with 2, but…I just feel like 3 this week. Hopefully I’ll actually get to it!

  1. The Vanishing Throne, by Elizabeth May
  2. The Hatching, by Ezekiel Boone
  3. Alice, by Christina Henry



2 thoughts on “Something Else Sunday #4

    • Thanks!! I love quilting, just not enough time/money to do it (because, um, books??) as much as I’d like. And cuddly kitties are the best!! Just very persistent. 😉 Thank for stopping by and commenting!


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