All the Hugs and Warm Kittens!

Because I don’t know how else to express my thanks to everyone for entering/supporting the A Court of Thorns and Roses giveaway – naturally hugs and warm kittens are some of the best things in life, so I think you should all get those. My goal was to get 100 entries in the Rafflecopter and when it closed last night there were 118! Thank you guys so much. Very happy little book blogger over here. I’ve contacted the winner and the package will be going out this week!

Giveaway - ACOTAR1















I’m really excited to have more people to share all my favorite (and a few not-so-favorite) books with!! Thanks to everyone who has followed either here, on Twitter, by e-mail, or on Bloglovin! I loooooove hearing from people and trading thoughts (i.e., squeals and fangirling, or THE RAGE) with other readers. I love comments and try to every single one – if I miss any, it’s completely unintentional and I’m sorry. Have another kitten? Comment again and DEMAND why I didn’t respond? Haha. But really, I love interacting with other book lovers and book community in general so much. I feel like the obsessive love I had for books and writing as a child is returning. I never LOST my love for books, but it definitely took a back seat to life, the universe, and everything there for awhile.

So while I’m rambling on: is there anything I can improve on? Different types of post you’d like to see? What are your favorites types of posts (aside from giveaways, I know EVERYONE loves those, haha)?

And, as promised, warm kittens. Or warm cat. The result – cuteness, snuggles, and a warm lap – is the same. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

Sir Tristan says that obviously, his comfort is more important than my ability to read my book. 😼




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