Bookmarks Galore

Lately, I’ve actually been trying to not buy books. I broke my book-buying ban right after our vacation in June and have been sorta-kinda-not really trying to go back on it. Or at least show some restraint. However, this does mean I’ve acquired more bookish STUFF than ever before. OwlCrate has been pretty bad for this, with all the AMAZING stuff they pack in each box…as has bookstagram. Haha! But I wanted to show off some of my favorite new pretties!


I’m obsessed with Crafted Van’s adorable magnetic bookmarks (they also make magnets and notecards). They’re cute, and they’re the perfect thickness – they don’t stick up or hold the pages up in an odd way like a lot of bookmarks. They don’t fall out. They  make perfect kitty toys. Oh wait, that last part was a completely unintentional design feature, I’m sure. Haha. The royalty ones above came in the June OwlCrate box.


Yes, that is my one lonely Penguin Drop Caps book behind them. I bought Jane Eyre in hopes that starting my Drop Caps collection would motivate me to finally finish that book. So far it’s not working. 😛

Then I bought these kitty ones…an orange one for Sir Tristan, and a gray one for Alfred (he needs a title too…Assassin, maybe?). They have a TON of different cat designs, both big and small. In the close up pictures you can’t tell really, so I took another one to illustrate sizes of a bunch of different magnetic bookmarks, a few pictures down.


THEN, I just happened to catch a posting from the Crafted Van Instagram account that they were starting a brand-new monthly subscription! I was beyond excited and immediately signed up. Because I already loved their bookmarks, and it was only $12. Freaking fantabulous. I was not disappointed. I think the little reading octopus is my new favorite bookmark!! Aaaah!! How did they know I love octopi? Anyway, I’m really looking forward to adding to my Crafted Van collection each month. 😀

Next up is this beautifully adorable set from NerdyGrlDesigns. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m slightly obsessed with A Court of Mist and Fury. Despite being unable to write a review on it, but that’s a topic for another post. Haha. Anyway, these little caricatures of Rhysand’s Inner Circle are just…well, adorable. As soon as my SIGNED copy of ACOMAF arrives, I plan to sprinkle them throughout the book. Um…because why not? Why would I use them to mark my place in another, lesser book? Oh, I could always try to string them up across the bookshelf like I see so many lovely bookstagrammers doing…but I’m not that talented and mine would probably look like a redneck Christmas. These feel a little more fragile to me than the others, I think probably because of the arms and legs and other details.


Banking the shop photo because mine didn’t turn out and I’m too lazy to try to take another.

Then there is another – ahem, no, I do not have a problem – ACOMAF set, this time from Jane’s Little Things. I love her drawings. They definitely have their own very unique look! I adore the quotes she puts on the back. These feel thicker than either of the other ones here, and they’re glossy. They do hold the pages of a mid-weight book up slightly, but it doesn’t damage the book in any way!

Here’s the size comparison picture!


Then, I found the gorgeous Boookmarky shop. And promptly purchased ANOTHER pair of ACOTAR/ACOMAF themed bookmarks. I love the little charms on these. When I get my books arranged properly (i.e., all standing on end and not just stacked so they are on the shelf SOMEhow) I’ll take a picture of them properly in the books and adorning the spines. This one will have to do for now. However, since I still kind of want to buy out their entire store…this will not be the last of their bookmarks to grace my shelves, I hope!

Who are some of your favorite bookmark creators? Do you use them or just collect them? Do you make your own? As pretty as they are, I do actually use mine (which is why I currently can’t find the Tristan one, or the Queen – waaaaah) and take a lot of joy in watching them move through the pages. 😀


All products in this post were purchased by me and reviewed at my own discretion.


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