Reading in Public

photo from KeySmashBlog

^ This, is where I would like to be and what I would like to be doing right now. I have been constantly surrounded by people for the past 4 days and feel myself slowly going even more crazy than usual. The struggle is real.

I’ve managed to read all of ONE chapter in Imprudence, which is driving me CRAZY but I can’t seem to have more than 2 minutes without being interrupted. Also somehow being on your phone will get people to ignore you, while pulling out a book is an invitation to talk. Because obviously, reading must be the absolute last thing anyone wants to do so I must need to be rescued from the boring book.


Can you read with lots of non-readers around? I’m usually good if on a bus or plane, but in the office everyone starts staring and then commenting on:

1) the fact I’m reading

2) what the book looks like

3) my response to their questions about what kind of book it is

4) how they wish they could read but can’t

5) how they used to enjoy reading but now have no time

Do you not understand that you would have time if….

6) And my favorite, “HAHAHAHA you’re such a nerd.” Because obviously being an uninformed dumbass and getting all your current events from FB and your extracurriculars from video games is sooooo much better.

I will be lucky to get one book read and reviewed this week. I really need a blanket fort, proto.

This one looks like it would do nicely.



6 thoughts on “Reading in Public

  1. I hate it when I’m reading and people start asking me tons of questions about the book! I don’t mind a bit of discussion but when they’re interrupting me constantly it can get so annoying. Another problem with reading in public is how loud things can be. I have trouble concentrating when I’m sitting in my school’s cafe and people start talking super loudly!

    Wren @


  2. I really don’t mind if people interrupt me to ask what book I’m reading but I can’t stand it when they question why I’m reading and not trying to mingle (usually happens when I’m at gatherings that I’m not interested in lol)


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