Haunted Hearts: Lit-Cube September Box


I’m so excited to share this box with you guys! I’ve never had a Lit-Cube before but when I saw that A.G. Howard’s new book, The Architect of Song, was going to be the feature for September I jumped on it. So many good reviews and it sounds so creepily gothic. Perfect for the month before Hallowtober. πŸ˜‰ I haven’t actually read ANY of her books before so I’m even more excited! Also, she helped curate this box – how cool is that?!?

However, I must say I am absolutely DEVASTATED that I couldn’t order the Lit-Cube Halloween box (it wouldn’t have been here in time – *sob*). Because after seeing this one…I have no doubt at all it would have been fan-freaking-tastic.


Look at all these goodies!!! So much gorgeousness. The little round soap you see right in the middle had the most amazing cinnamon-y smell, as soon as I opened the box I was looking for WHAT was giving off that delicious autumnal smell. Good things do indeed come in small packages, because it looks so unassuming! Anyway, the Lit-Cube (a one month subscription is $34.95 shipped to the U.S.) contained:

a Readable: A.G. Howard’s The Architect of Song (*squee*)

a Wearable: a gorgeous glass necklace with pressed flowers! :hearteyes:


This necklace is so lovely. It’s surprisingly heavy and the flowers are beautifully delicate. I’m a little concerned that my clumsy self will snap the delicate chain, but it wouldn’t be hard to replace.

an Edible: hot chocolate!

Goodies: an amazingly gorgeous leather journal with a quote picked by A.G. Howard herself on the front, a dip pen and ink, and yummy soap (yes…I just used “yummy” to describe soap, I know)! Check out this journal…I am absolutely stunned that this was in the box along with a book!


“Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come.” I adore trees. This is so perfect.


Looks like lovely paper inside, too!

The ink isn’t marked, so I have no idea what brand it is (it might have been on the card included with the box, but I accidentally threw it away with the packaging after I took the picture). The pen looks very fun, but as a fountain pen aficionado, I think it’s more for decoration than use! Yes, it’s meant for dipping only, but it feels very flimsy overall so I think I will just display it rather than try to use it.


Tristan trying to get in on the book box action as I was trying to take pretty pictures – LOL

Overall I am THRILLED with this box! October’s theme is “Tale as Old As Time,” and while I had intended to just try one month…um…yeah. That’s happening. Hehe.


This box was bought with my own funds and this review was not solicited in any way. πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Haunted Hearts: Lit-Cube September Box

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of LitCube! I’ve done Skoshbox, Ipsy and Loot crate, all of which I’ve discontinued because I go bored with them. I need to try LitCube at least once though!


    • I haven’t tried any of the ones you mentioned, but I’ve heard of them! Books, yarn, and pet stuff are about the only ones that interest me so I haven’t tried much outside those categories. If you love books I would definitely give this one and or OwlCrate a try (I have some reviews of OwlCrates on here too), I have been impressed with both!


  2. Everything looks lovely, especially the necklace. I’ve never had a litcube before but as soon as I heard the theme for october I ordered it. All of their boxes look fantastic so I’m really looking forward to it, even if shipping to Germany is a bit expansive but I’ll see if I continue after the first few boxes πŸ™‚


    • Isn’t it? I can’t wait to wear it, just have to find the perfect thing for it to go with. Hope you enjoy your box! I’m always afraid to even LOOK at international shipping. 😦


  3. I would love to do a Subscription box, but I can’t afford it! 😭
    I have to make my school payment today ($997/mo plus $200 for the parking!) and after that I’m going to be pretty broke. I may not even have enough to make full payments and I hope I’ll have enough to clear the balance at the end of the semester! So my buying days are on hold until I’m payment-free…
    I really want to try LitCube or Fairy Loot. Those are the ones for me!
    So glad you loved this box…beautiful necklace! The journal, wow! An ink pen? Cool! And AG Howard? πŸ’•
    So happy for you…and a little envious, tbh. πŸ˜‰


    • I’ve been there done that and it sucks! 😦 I feel like education shouldn’t be so expensive. *hugs* But it will pass, and in the end you’ll be glad you stuck it through.


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