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Hey everyone! Apparently this isn’t ALWAYS redirecting to my new blog site, so here’s just a quick and friendly link – please go over here to The Bent Bookworm and click follow – yes, some of you will have to resubscribe, sorry about that – to continue to read my posts! Thanks so much to everyone who has liked and commented, you’re the best and I love this little bookish community. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค



Exciting Changes


CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE!!! (Why yes, I’m a total Hufflepuff, how did you know?)

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has followed or commented in the last day or so…I’ve had a HUGE influx of both subscribers and comments and it’s made me SO VERY HAPPY you have no idea. Actually most of you probably do, hehe. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But anyway, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You’ve made this little book-obsessed blogger very happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

Second, I am also very excited to announce I’m switching from the free WordPress to a hosted site, which will mean a new design and hopefully more cool bookish stuffs. The lovely Ashley at NoseGraze is taking over my hosting and I am so grateful for everything she has helped with already. I am pretty much technologically illiterate when it comes to websites and all the behind-the scenes stuff, so all the things I read about self-hosting and domains and widgets and code just made me feel like my brain was leaking out my ears. I’m really happy to be able to just let her handle all this, while I get to read more books and play with more bookish stuff AND still have an awesome blog!

There shouldn’t be any interruption, as far as I understand it, but I’m sure I will have an EVEN MORE EXCITED post when all the transfer is complete! I am well aware that this post already contains way too many exclamation points, but you know what…deal with it. I’m allowed to be overly excited for once.


TTT Rewind #5: Favorite Book Bloggers

I looked at today’s prompt on The Broke and the Bookish last night and my little heart through a party. As soon as I scrolled through the list of past prompts I knew which one I wanted to do!

Top 10 Favorite Book Bloggers!

Now most of these people, I’m sure you all already know. That’s ok. These folks are so witty and brilliant they don’t need my help getting subscribers. I’m linking people here who inspired me to get my hot-as-hell love for books back. People who convinced me that book-shaming and literary snobbery has no place in our world. People who are open to and love discovering new cultures, existences outside of their own comfort zone, and aren’t afraid to have an unpopular opinion or two. People who stirred my love of writing agin. Some of them I’ve read for quite awhile. Some I only discovered a couple of months ago. You should go sub to all of them. Seriously.

I’m not using numbers for this one, because that feels too much like rating the bloggers themselves. That’s not what I’m doing. I love all of these blogs equally for their own unique voices.


The Book Geek – Emily May was actually the very first book blogger I stumbled across, and I found her on GoodReads. Her witty, sometimes snarky voice made me sit up and take notice of books I might otherwise have passed on. Also, her don’t-care-who-thinks-I’m-wrong attitude was what helped me shed the last bit of the literary snobbery hanging on from my college days.

Hit or Miss Books – I follow HoMB through Bloglovin. Not too long ago I was several days behind on reading, and I kept clicking through to comment…and I’m pretty sure I commented on her reviews like 5 times in a row. Because her writing was just that compelling! I felt like I just had to talk to her or say something about that particular book. Maybe we just have similar tastes, but I love her reviews.

A Page with a View – I am in love with Cait’s hair and for that reason alone you should go visit her blog. No ok really. She writes awesome reviews and has awesome photos. Go see for yourself.

Paper Fury – another Cait! The first thing I noticed about her site was the pictures. GORGEOUS pictures. Then I was totally hooked by her writing. I feel her love for books and writing just bubbling out of my computer screen whenever I read her posts. She has such a hilarious turn of phrase that always makes me laugh and smile. If I ever met her in person I would have to refrain from giver her a tackle-hug, just because I feel like she’s earned one for the constant pick-me-up that is her blog.

Lost in Literature – this is one I found through Instagram/bookstagram! Lisa and Becca do take amazing photos, but I was even more excited to find their blog. I love bookstagram, don’t get me wrong, but I want to know more about the books you’re raving over than you can get into Instagram. Also reading those super super long captions some people write is intensely annoying. I love their thoughtful reviews.

The Perpetual Page Turner – Jamie is someone I would like to sit down and have coffee with – or maybe wine (Jamie, if you should happen to read this and don’t drink wine, please don’t be offended). I love how she works her real life into her book posts – because we do all have real lives, we don’t spend our entire day in a comfy chair reading (even if we’d like to, haha).

***The Starry-Eyed Revue*** – I haven’t been following Jen and April for all that long, but they succeed in adding to my TBR list pretty much every week. Also they constantly drive me crazy by reviewing the very books I’m DYING to get my hands on but just can’t seem to convince myself to buy, or that the library is constantly out of. Thanks. I know they’re not sorry.

Adventures of a Book Junkie – I actually found Stacee first on GoodReads too! I think she posts more reviews there than on her blog, so the initial link is to that page. I am AMAZED by the sheer volume of her reviews. I’m convinced she either spends all day every day reading, or speedreads like a MF. I love how she tries anything and everything. I want to be as brave as she is in my reading choices one day! Also read in my sleep or however she does it. Haha.

The awesome people behind the book blogs are one of the main reasons I decided to give book blogging a serious go, so my hat is really off to these folks that make


All the Hugs and Warm Kittens!

Because I don’t know how else to express my thanks to everyone for entering/supporting the A Court of Thorns and Roses giveaway – naturally hugs and warm kittens are some of the best things in life, so I think you should all get those. My goal was to get 100 entries in the Rafflecopter and when it closed last night there were 118! Thank you guys so much. Very happy little book blogger over here. I’ve contacted the winner and the package will be going out this week!

Giveaway - ACOTAR1















I’m really excited to have more people to share all my favorite (and a few not-so-favorite) books with!! Thanks to everyone who has followed either here, on Twitter, by e-mail, or on Bloglovin! I loooooove hearing from people and trading thoughts (i.e., squeals and fangirling, or THE RAGE) with other readers. I love comments and try to every single one – if I miss any, it’s completely unintentional and I’m sorry. Have another kitten? Comment again and DEMAND why I didn’t respond? Haha. But really, I love interacting with other book lovers and book community in general so much. I feel like the obsessive love I had for books and writing as a child is returning. I never LOST my love for books, but it definitely took a back seat to life, the universe, and everything there for awhile.

So while I’m rambling on: is there anything I can improve on? Different types of post you’d like to see? What are your favorites types of posts (aside from giveaways, I know EVERYONE loves those, haha)?

And, as promised, warm kittens. Or warm cat. The result – cuteness, snuggles, and a warm lap – is the same. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sir Tristan says that obviously, his comfort is more important than my ability to read my book. ๐Ÿ˜ผ