The Wheel Turns

I love this time of year. This time and spring makes me feel the most connected with history, both my own personal history and the history of the world. I like the old traditions of Halloween, or Samhain as my Irish and Scottish ancestors probably would have called it. All the modern day gore and zombies aren’t what I love about the season. It’s the idea of the thinning of the veil, of our loved ones perhaps being able to see us or maaaaaybe even communicate with us that pulls me. My dear grandfather passed near this time, on October 6, 12 years ago, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Every October, I miss him and wish I could talk to him, even once more.

Samhain also seems to be my time to finish things. Around this time I feel a huge push to get things done, largely because I want to start new ones. But I really think there’s a desire for closure that pushes me too. Anyway, here is my large finish for this year’s Halloween season.

Halloween Sampler 2015

I’ll get some better pictures once it’s framed, but I’m so damn proud of it. It won’t hang on the wall this year, but definitely next. My husband even likes it and kept asking me if it was going to be done on time. I’d pick up another project and he would ask if it was finished. All kinds of motivation there!

Hope you all have a very happy, blessed Samhain.

A Little Progress

I’m feeling a little lost in the making stuff area right now. I know what I WANT to work on, but since my sewing machine and all my fabric/quilting stuff is still at home…gah. Along with everything else I really care about. But I’m NOT going to make this a whiny post! There is progress to be seen! πŸ˜›

So, I’ve been working on my cross stitch. Sadly NOT the sabbats plan from earlier this year…I’m currently out of fabric for it, but that should soon be fixed, as soon as my 123Stitch order arrives. I was plodding along on my “Earth Goddess,” but I might have looked at the sheer size of it and despaired of ever finishing, so I switched back over to my slightly smaller “Quilter” WIP until my courage comes back. I think I made some decent progress tonight! Sorry for the bad lighting, and I’m not sure why WordPress has decided to squish all my photos recently…

June 2015 040

This is where it was when I started.

June 2015 042

And here when I stopped. Not sure how long I actually worked on it, because I took some breaks and got distracted a few times. For once I was just stitching, not listening to an audiobook. Very calming.

June 2015 041

Posed shot from when I got irritated with my unorganized threads and stopped to put them on the rings in order.

I think I’ll try to work on this for about a week and then see how I feel about Earth Goddess. I reeeeeeally want to finish her and have her up on my wall somewhere, but it’s just SO BIG and it feels like I stitch so damn slowly!

2014 Finish

This is my one and only finished project of 2014. I’m pretty happy with it, I can’t wait to have it framed! I took a little artistic license with one of the pics, I like playing with the camera filters too much. Hehe.

The pattern is Truth, from Monsterbubbles.





The idea was to frame it and put it up in my creative space, but I think if I can manage a frame – it’ll take a custom one for its awkward size – I’ll put it on my desk.

Running Out

I’ve really been on a finishing kick in the past couple of weeks. I have a million ideas for new projects bouncing around in my head, but I feel like I need to free up all the energy currently invested in half-finished works before I can start them. However, the universe seems to be against me.

Currently I have 4 active knitting works-in-progress: a sweater, a shawl, a scarf, and a pair of socks. The sweater is the only one that currently doesn’t require buying more yarn.

My “Everyday Neutrals” scarf, made from delicious Mirasol Miski yarn (100% baby llama!) using the pattern Both Sides Now. I’ve completely knit up 2 skeins, and it’s still far too short to be a scarf for me. The yarn store I bought it from is closing, so I either have to find time to run over there and hope they still have some, or order more. Sigh.

My beautiful “Threads of Life” shawl, the Skuld pattern by Anna Dalvi, is somewhere around 80% finished…and I ran out of yarn. Yay for knitting loosely. Or not. Since the Beckon Stretch Merino yarn I’m using was a club colorway (Forest Primeval) from Three Irish Girls, getting another skein is a bit more complicated. I did just resubscribe to the Pick of the Knitter club, fueled mostly by the desire to finish this shawl. Er…maybe also by the fabulous “Six Pine Trees” color that’s one of the current club offerings. Ahem.

Then there are these lovely socks, my “Second Try Sibleys,” after the first attempt turned out way too small. Pattern is Sibley, by SpillyJane. I didn’t notice this until I was an entire pattern repeat in, however, and as this is my first colorwork project I did what any feeling knitter would do and threw the yarn in a bag to languish for 6 months after ripping the entire cuff out and recasting-on. Now the cuffs on both are finished, though, and they fit. πŸ˜‰ Since the yarn I’m using for the heel, Three Irish Girls Kells Sport (no, I do not have a 3IG problem…), is 100% wool, I need some Wooly Nylon to back it up before I can knit the heels. I suppose that technically I’m not out of yarn but I’m still stalled until I obtain said Wooly Nylon.

See what I mean? I guess this is all indicating I should work on my sweater, but it’s a bit frustrating to be so close to finished so many things only to not have the required elements to do so. πŸ˜› We all know what a hardship buying more yarn is…but it really is if you’re trying to shrink your stash, not grow it. Ah well…the trials of a knitter. πŸ˜‰