About Me

The Main Stuff:

I write book reviews. Also reviews of bookish products. Fangirl over my favorite authors and books. Rant about anything related to books, literacy, and a few other subjects close to my heart. I will try to convert you to the wonderful world of reading. I love talking about books, any and all genres, authors, types, etc. I may have strong opinions and become slightly forceful in conversation, but I will always respect your opinion. You can follow me on GoodReads, Twitter, and Bloglovin’…I have an Instagram account, but it’s a mix of books and personal stuffs.

More About Me If You’re Really Bored:

Beauty and balance. Honesty. Equality. Tolerance. If I could combine those into a mantra, I would adopt it and quite possibly have it inked onto me in some form. Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere, where I write about anything and everything that interests me at some point or in some way. Life is a journey, not a destination, and while I have goals, I intend to enjoy every step along the way to attaining them – even if that means taking a little bit longer to get there. I just want to live life making beautiful things and healing things to make them beautiful.

I love comments. “Likes” are awesome too. 🙂

Books and Writing

I must love writing, else why would I have a blog?  I find it very cathartic. Usually. While I used to write fiction, it’s been many years since I made it a frequent endeavor. However, I love books and reading and spend many hours each week immersed in pursuit of knowledge and entertainment in the form of blogs, books, and magazines. I despise most romantic fiction, tolerate sci-fi and fantasy (to which J.R.R. Tolkien and Terry Pratchett are the exceptions), adore a good mystery and historical fiction, recently started foraying into Young Adult fiction, and have a very soft spot for children’s literature.

Crafting and Art

Textile and paper arts are a frequent topic here, as I dabble in many forms. Knitting, spinning, and quilting are my main fiber/textile pursuits, and letter writing/mail art with a dash of scrapbooking make up my paper art. I am also a huge fan of good photography, though my own attempts are limited to what my iPhone, Camera+ app, a Nikon CoolPix and PicMonkey can accomplish. Regardless, creative arts bring a huge amount of happiness and fulfillment into my life.

Gardening, Herbalism, and the Great Outdoors

Nature junkie here. I’d like to say I’m an adventure junkie, but I’m not sure my little forays count as adventures. I love most activities that take place outside: hiking, biking, boating, gardening – and I’m very interested in learning to understand and use plants of all kinds for both food and medicinal purposes. Nature is to be respected and lived with in harmony, and towards that end my approach to the above activities aims to be organic and of the Leave No Trace variety.

Dogs and Animal Rescue

Perhaps it’s no surprise I’m an animal lover as well. My deepest personal connections have come from dogs, and I am a very strong advocate for dog rescue and public education on the care and keeping of our canine friends. Breed-Specific Legislation is not the answer to the public’s problems with dogs, education and training is. While I recognize the joy and great sense of accomplishment we can have with responsibly bred dogs, I believe the vast majority of people breeding dogs have no place doing so. I’m a huge fan of canine sports, and could not have been happier when the American Kennel Club opened it’s events and shows to mixed breeds of all kinds.

Religion and Politics

Have no place on this blog. While I believe there can be a spiritual or otherworldly aspect to many things, advocating a specific path or religion is outside of my intent. I personally differentiate between religion and spirituality. At times either religion or politics may come up when they involve one of the above interests, but generally only as they relate to such.


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