Guess What Time It Is?

I woke up this morning to a torrential downpour. However, for once it didn’t actually start my Monday (Tuesday) off on a wrong note. This weekend, I was finally – FINALLY – able to obtain possession of a car. So therefore I’m not going to be soaked walking to work. There is coffee also currently in my possession, in my new favorite Outlander mug. I woke up to my husband’s arm around me. And with the rain has come a much welcome drop in temperature.

2015 August 234

Obsessed? No. Not with coffee. Not with Outlander. Not me.


This was the view this morning. I loved the wispy little cloud over there between the hills.

The temperature drop has been much anticipated. Not only because it’s been so freaking hot, but because my fingers have been itching. We STILL don’t have all our household stuff, which means all my fabric/yarn/what have you is still somewhere in transit, but I have bought a few things to hold me over, and there’s this pair of socks that’s been on my needles for almost two years now.

Ladies and gentlemen…it’s time again for…wait while I put on my little nerd hat because that’s kind of how it makes me feel…

Yep. And yours truly is a…

I haven’t even read all the books.

But this is my 3rd “term” playing along in this genius knitting/crafting game, because I love a little friendly competition, all the BADGES, the people who don’t think knitting is just for old ladies, and the motivation to actually finish projects. It’s just fun. Also if you’re a knitter/crocheter and not on Ravelry yet…what are you waiting for? Ravelry is the best thing for fiber arts since sheep.

So…that pair of socks? I’ve been knitting madly. The first one is done, the second one about half. But they must. get. done. ASAP. Because I want to turn them in for Detention. Because I started them before term, so they can’t be turned in for a Class.

Think I’m crazy yet? Yes? It’s ok, I promise. I’m just over here knitting so I don’t kill people. Really.

2015 August 281

Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock, colorway Skyline Parkway (limited run color)


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